Founded in 2009, Energy Consumers Association is non-commercial partnership, which unites 33 large-scale industrial manufacturers operating in such sectors as Oil and Gas, Metallurgy, Steel, Refineries, Petrochemicals and others. Association works to co-ordinate energy consumers activity and protect their interests in electricity and power markets regulation on all decision-making levels.

Association members are Russian and global industry companies: EVRAZ,RosneftNLMKUC RusalTransneftSIBUR, PHOSAGROAir Liquide Group and other.

The share of Association members electricity consumption in total industry consumption in Russia is well over 46% (about 220 bln kWh). 

The main areas of ECA focus are:

Electricity and power markets regulation. Promoting fair prices and market balance between power generating companies and energy consumers;

Distributed energy. Ensuring a tendency towards more effective use of associated and secondary energy resources;

Infrastructure investments. Promoting the best practice and high efficiency as a key requirement for the development of liquid and competitive electricity and gas markets.

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